Your Flying Colors offers various options for giving workshops or training courses in your company. In consultation with the wishes and needs of the customer, we can offer a complete tailor-made program.

Below is a part of the offer that your Flying Colors has specialized in. 



  • Mission vision strategy planning
  • Team spirit / team building with interactive tools
  • Create fair culture within your company; employees who are proud of their employer and company
  • Also check out our Workshops offer



  • Motivating leadership, more than just a conversation
  • Burn-out and Bore-out screening and a proactive policy
  • Lead inspiring presentations and meetings
  • Also look at our Personal coaching offer

In Personal coaching, the coach and client go through a process of different sessions to achieve a predetermined goal. This goal is viewed jointly during an intake interview and an action plan is drawn up. By means of the right visual tools and the talent of the coach to quickly penetrate the essence of the client’s blockade or need, these sessions are heart-opening and mind-expanding.

Different themes such as:

  • Charisma coaching ™ 101
  • Find your Ikegai 101
  • Finding or renewing resilience / life energy 101
  • Balance and harmony with the life wheel 101
  • Business expansion 101

are used as a guide in the various sessions and make these personal coaching sessions a unique experience.

In order to properly frame these personal coaching processes, at least one intake interview is preceded and at least 3 sessions (1.5 hours per session).

With self-development, you need to keep training yourself with new knowledge, experiences and feelings. Because of our varied offer in the field of personal development as well as in the career area in combination with our visual, interactive tools, the knowledge gained from a one-day or multi-day workshop will always be surprising but very precise and offer the right insights what you need at that moment have.



  •  1 Day: The Core Quadrant game and Roos van Leary  what are your core qualities and how to convert them into efficient competencies and skills? How to influence with behavior.


  • 1 Day: teach non- verbal communication skills to recognize  non-verbal signals and micro-expressions in yourself and others to create an improved (work) relationship


  • 1 Day: Learn to speak and present in a motivational and inspiring way, learn to speak and give presentations


  • 1 Day: Your Own Style self-branding & color messages how to market your own color and style characteristics and emphasize your uniqueness


  • 1 Day: A meeting with true Love ™  for Singles and successful dating


  • 1 Day: The Round Table : effective and understanding meetings


  • 2 days: Charisma-Coaching ™ 


  • 3 days: Charisma-Coaching ™:  The Red Carpet VIP


  • 6 days : Life-coaching & Charisma Coaching ™ in a beautiful foreign environment, see Retreats .


Train the Trainer Workshop

A few times a year we also organize special one-day or multi-day workshops and training sessions for trainers, coaches, therapists, teachers who want to discover one of our tools and use them in their company or work.